Thank you for your interest in getting an Eduteach tutor.
What's Next?

Pay service fee

The service fee of N3,000 is charged per learner for both online and physical classes. This fee serves as an upfront commitment fee that covers the logistical efforts involved in connecting you with a professional tutor. The fee helps cover administrative costs, tutor coordination, scheduling, and other operational expenses associated with providing a seamless learning experience. The service fee is a one-time payment and is separate from any tuition or additional fees that may be associated with the classes themselves.

Select your tutor

Our client relationship manager will send you profiles of our professional tutors who are best suited to meet your specific requirements and preferences. These profiles will contain detailed information about each tutor, including their qualifications, experience, areas of expertise, teaching style, and any other relevant details. You will have the opportunity to review and evaluate these profiles to determine which tutor aligns most closely with your learning needs and preferences.

Pay for lesson

Once you have been connected with your assigned tutor and are ready to begin your classes, it is necessary to make the full payment of your tuition fee. The tuition fee is determined based on the agreed-upon class schedule and the services provided by your tutor. All tuition Payments can be made to our bank accounts details below :

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